Tenant Handbook

Employee Awareness Brochure

The primary component to maintaining a safe and secure environment is awareness and prevention. Boston Properties management has developed a customer employee brochure detailing specific information regarding Life Safety and Security Programs.  The customer should provide copies of this brochure to each employee.  Copies of the brochure can be obtained by contacting the Property Management office. Listed below is a summary of the information contained in the brochure:

 Life Safety


  • Life Safety Systems
  • Floor Evacuation Teams
  • Evacuation Drills
  • Fire Alarm Evacuation Sequence
  • What to Do When the Fire Alarm System Activates
  • What to Do When the Evacuation Signal Sounds
  • Evacuation Beyond the Relocation Floor
  • Prepare for an Emergency Before it Happens
  • What to Do in a Fire and Smoke Situation
  • Security Systems
  • Security Staff
  • Emergency Assistance
  • Incident Reporting
  • Security Escorts
  • Access Control
  • ID Badges
  • Security Awareness
  • Miscellaneous Policies


Please click here for Safety and Security handbook PDF