Tenant Handbook

Move Procedures


It is imperative that a move schedule be developed to avoid conflicts and overloading of facilities.  Please contact the Property Management office, at least 48 hours in advance, to schedule a specific date and time for your move.  All moves require coordination with other possible activities within the building and are generally permitted after 6:00 p.m., Monday - Friday, and anytime on Saturday, Sunday, and holidays.  



To ensure the proper procedures are followed, a Boston Properties employee will be on hand during your move; please contact the Property Management office for information on charges that might be imposed for this coverage.  Additionally, this employee will assist with any facility, elevator, and security concerns and supervise the use of the loading dock, building entrances, lobbies, and elevators as appropriate for your building.  This employee is not authorized to assist your move contractor with carrying items, placing furniture, or trash removal.


Materials and Equipment

The Move Contractor is required, at all times, to protect and preserve all materials, supplies, and equipment.  All materials and handling vehicles used in the interior of the building must have rubber wheels and must be maintained free from grease, dirt, etc.


Building, Floor, and Wall Protection

The Move Contractor must furnish, install, and remove protective materials wherever necessary to protect the building, floors, walls, and elevators from damage.  This means:

  • All corners must be taped.

  • Masonite floor protection must be used on all floor and wall surfaces prior to moving any material.

  • All elevators must be padded, and materials transported in elevators must not exceed weight restrictions.

  • Large, high-density items such as safes require special handling to ensure building and elevator floor loading limits are not exceeded.  The Property Management Office must be notified at least one week in advance before a customer move that includes this type of equipment.

All protective material must be removed from common areas at the end of each day and at the completion of the move.  If damage occurs, Boston Properties reserves the right to charge to customer for repairs.


Crating, Padding, and Packing Material

The Move Contractor must take every precaution by means of crating and padding to safeguard property from damage.  All padding and packing materials are to be removed from common areas by the moving contractor at the end of each day.  They may not be left overnight. 

All reasonable requests by the Property Management office to enclose or specially protect such property must be complied with.  Repairs of any damage to the loading dock, common areas, or customer spaces during the move shall be billed to the customer.


Clean-up After Move

The Move Contractor must remove all Masonite, padding, and other trash after the move and ensure that no empty boxes are left behind.  All areas are to be broom cleaned at the end of each workday.  Caution must be exercised so debris does not drop in the elevator shafts.  If any material is left by the Move Contractor, Boston Properties reserves the right to charge the customer for post-move cleaning.


Permits, Franchises, Licenses or Other Lawful Authority

The Move Contractor, at its own expense, will obtain and maintain any necessary permits, franchises, licenses, or other lawful authority required for effecting the movement, handling, and other services to be performed.  Before the move is made, the Move Contractor may be required to produce evidence of such authority to the Property Management office.