Tenant Handbook

Rent Payments

Rent payments are due on the first day of each month. 
As a convenience, a monthly rent statement will be mailed to you approximately ten (10) days before the monthly rental payment is due.

Payments by Mail
Payments should be sent to:
Boston Properties Limited Partnership
P.O. Box 3557
Boston, MA 02241-3557.

Payments by Wire
The following are instructions to remit rental payments by wiring:
Bank Name: Bank of America, Dallas, TX 
Bank routing # for Fed Wire transfers: 0260-0959-3
Bank routing # for ACH transfers: 111 000 012
Account #: 3756454460 
Account Name: Boston Properties, L P
Reference: Customer Name and building name/address

Contact Person
If you have any questions regarding rent payments, please contact:
Tonya Adams
Cash Manager
(617) 236-3477