Tenant Handbook


Reservoir Place contains a two-level garage located under the main building.  There are approximately 770 parking spots available in the garage.  Please review your lease when determining the number of parking spots available for your company.  Additional garage passes may be purchased for a monthly fee.  Please contact the Property Management office for pricing and details.

There is one entrance for each level of the garage.  The entrances are both located in the center of the Main building directly under the clock tower.  There are two exits for each level - one located in the front of the Main building under the clock tower and one located in the rear of the Main building.

Handicap Parking
Handicap parking is located on both levels of the garage near the central elevators.  Visitors with handicapped placards can access the garage on P1 by using the call button at the entrance and notifying the attendant.

Visitor Parking
Designated visitor parking is available in the two surface lots on either side of the clock tower entrance for the Main Building as well as by both entrances to the South Building.  If all spaces are filled, visitors are free to park in any of the surface parking lots.  The visitor parking site map can be downloaded and shared with visitors to better direct them to your suite.

Employees are prohibited from parking in the designated visitor spaces.

No Parking Areas
Parking is only permitted in designated lined spaces.  Parking is not allowed in fire lanes, traffic lanes, bike parking area, loading dock area, where entry and exit doors are present, or any other area that is designated as no parking.

Bicycle Parking
Bicycle racks are located in the P1 garage.  Bicycles are not allowed in the building, and please do not chain them to anything except the dedicated bicycle racks.

Boston Properties is not responsible for theft or damage of bicycles or other personal property.